adventures in resting.

Paul and I had the loveliest getaway to the mountains last weekend. Seeking adventure, rest, and a chance to recharge, our little trip checked all the boxes. It was technically a belated anniversary celebration, but was mostly just a great excuse to turn off our phones and have some time together.

I LOVED that we had, quite literally, NO service in Great Smoky National Park, where we camped and spent the first day and half of our trip. As my job keeps me so tethered to my phone and the internet on and off most weekends, my priority was to keep myself removed as possible from social media, my phone, email, and work. I even had Paul take all of our pictures on his phone, so I wasn’t tempted when opening my phone when we spent an amazing two and half days in Asheville!

A few highlights of our trip, apart from space for conversations, dreaming and scheming sans phones were:

Climbing Chimney Tops in the Smokies!


Camping in the park and hiking Andrew’s Bald & Clingman’s Dome



Catching Michigan Football in our Airbnb


Wandering around Asheville, great food at Biscuit Head, writing in a great little coffee shop and finding a Champagne & Used Book store!!

Vortex Donuts & New Belgium Brewery


It was a delightful trip, and hard to return to real life. Adventurous rest.

I’m a huge fan of being married to Paul, but in recent months it’s been hard to prioritize one another in the ways we’d like to. Paul starting school shook our rhythm more than we’d planned. We have not been consistently doing church or pursuing God together. We’ve just been missing. There are a variety of reasons, but as we’ve begun to unpack it a bit we’re working on it. We’re walking it out and feel like we’re missing less often then we were. We’ve committed to calibrate, to recognize areas that we need to grow, and choose the other person when it’s not convenient or easy.

This little four days away from real life was just what we needed.

I think this is perfect summation of my life with Paul – found outside a hole in the wall gas station/gift shop/ice cream parlor in the mountains of North Carolina – picture credit the old woman who accidentally took a burst on my camera and gave us 25 images to choose from!