4 things I love about the fall

It’s my very favorite season, kind of.

You see, fall has yet to really arrive to the south, the high today was 87. So as it’s October 17th, I’ve decided to go ahead and begin pretending that it’s fall. It may not have made it’s grand entrance to the south, but fall has officially arrived in the Vought house. I purchased decorative pumpkins and honey crisp apples. Paul insisted we purchase Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters despite the fact that I’m pretty sure we won’t have trick-or-treaters, and instead I’m just eating a lot of Almond Joys and Reese’s pumpkins.  We even carved Pumpkins on Saturday night while watching Hocus Pocus. EEE….I love the fall y’all! See what I did there?

So in the fall spirit here are four of the things I love about fall:

1.The clothes

Fall clothes are the absolute best. Scarves, boots, jackets, hats, sweaters and my new holey black jeans. Let’s talk about my new black jeans. I bought them at Forever 21 for $7, and distressed them to PERFECTION. Despite the high 80s we’ve gotten a few glimpses of “sweata weatha” (referring of course to this amazing SNL sketch!) I love fall clothes because they more often serve an aesthetic purpose over function or utility. Winter clothes serve the function of keeping you warm over keeping you cute. Summer clothes exist to keep you as cool as possible without actually being naked. Fall clothes simply exist. With fall clothes, the temperatures are on your side…which leads me to point two.

2. The weather

At its truest sense, fall weather is the epitome of perfection. However, we only get a finite number of those perfect fall days. I firmly believe that because it is so very fleeting, we I place fall on a higher pedestal than it deserves. I’m not alone in this. It’s the season we lust after, welcoming it with open arms much sooner than it’s ready to greet us. I have been known to break out my boots and scarves and the first sniff of a break in the summer heat. And then all the sudden it’s leaving me, much before I’m ready. I find myself clinging on to it as it tries to make a graceful exit. I don’t let it gracefully exit, I hold onto its ankles as it tries to leave me, making side glances and apologizes to all the people staring at us. I begin throwing out all the bargaining I can muster. “DON’T LEAVE ME” I whine, but alas it always leaves me and the cold is more than happy to come in it’s place. You see, fall weather is a beautiful reprieve between weather extremes. The crisp nip of fall is never here long enough, and it seems to always leave you wanting more. The world is a better place in the fall, everywhere you look there are rich colors and beauty. I love that leaves crunch beneath your feet and that there is a tingle in the air only associated with fall. swoon.

3.The activities

There are far too many amazing fall activities for me to adequately explain in detail here. Bonfires, hayrides, apple & pumpkin picking, baking, Michigan football, bike rides, grilling, and the list continues. Perhaps I love fall so much because the activities and memories for me always seem to revolve around people. Some of my favorite moments in college happened in fall. Some of the best moments we’ve had since moving to Nashville have happened in the fall. Football Saturdays in Ann Arbor are religious and indescribable. Community. Good Food. Excitement. Tradition. Sigh. To this day there is a Woodchuck Hard cider that I describe as tasting like football. People gather in the fall, There are conversations that only happen around a bonfire, vulnerability shared as the light dims in the sky and the fire illuminates the faces around you. Donuts are best eaten with cider, giggling with friends. Pumpkins are more fun to carve when there’s a large group of you and a bit of competition involved. Lastly, I’m partial to the fall activities because  Paul and I fell in love in the fall. On our second date we went to Salvation Army and bought flannels. We then snuck into the Arb with Arnie Palmers and lay staring up at the stars until the night became too cold and the dew from the ground seeped into our bones. For another date we bought pumpkins just to throw them off a parking structure. The allure of fall activities for me has always been more about the people that I share them with, then the actual activity.

4. The food

Don’t get me started on fall food. I bought way too many things “pumpkin” flavored from Trader Joe’s this weekend simply because I could. Fall is the only time of year where you can add a pumpkin adjective to any food you dream up without receiving scoffs from those around you. I take full advantage of this fact. Apples, second only to pumpkin in the fall, are a versatile staple in any diet in this glorious season. From drinks, to baked goods, to simply cut up and eaten with cookie butter, they are delectable. I bought two bags of Honeycrisps last week, pretending that I was in Michigan and simply picked them up on a trip to the Cider Mill along with some donuts and cider. (Cider mills don’t exist in Tennessee, a fact I shockingly discovered my first fall. wah. wah.) I find that fall is my cooking sweet spot. I experiment more in the fall. I try new recipes, I can FINALLY break out my crock pot again, and I get enticed by all the gourds, soups, and warm your belly foods! If I continue on I will get up off my couch and make a mess of my recently cleaned kitchen, or worse eat some of the Halloween candy tempting me on the counter. So with that I’ll end by saying: fall food feeds more than the belly, and is best enjoyed in the company of your favorite people, before partaking in your favorite fall activity in the glorious fall weather donning your fall clothing.

Happy fall y’all!


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