in the last month or so time has refused to go at the speed to which i’d like. i’m caught in two extremes. often i’m longing for time to speed up and get onto the next thing – the weekend, the beginning of a visit, the end of the work day, date night… other times it seems i do nothing but plead for time to slow down, to keep me right here – hit the snooze one more time, shilo stay here with me one more second, weekend don’t end, Paul sit and with me before tackling the to-do list, visit don’t end, dessert don’t end…

but memorial day weekend, our three days of 0 obligations, time was my friend. paul and i looked forward all of May to that weekend. it was the shining light, a WHOLE weekend together, home in approximately two months. we’ve been crazy busy and our weekends have run into our weeks with no breaks and tired eyes and bodies. but that was all going to be rectified over memorial day.

i know i’m talking it up, some of you are waiting for the pitfall—and it wasn’t restful, or it crashed and burned, or chaos erupted— but dismay not…it was lovely.

while i fell asleep monday night not REALLY wanting tuesday morning to come, it was not out of a place of pure exhaustion as many of my previous nights after a weekend had been. it was out of the pure delight that comes from a restful, soul satisfied, and fun weekend..

we approached the weekend and paul asked if we could make a to-do list (he’s becoming more type a than he’ll admit). we made a list of productive and restful things we wanted to accomplish. throughout our lovely weekend we kept looking at what we’d accomplished in the day and saying, “so this is what weekend is. we can get SO much done…and still have time to rest.” we dug holes and put in posts for a hammock stand. we planted more wildflowers. we finally painted the bedroom furniture. AND we did laundry and ironing! but with that we watch mad men. made yummy cocktails. had a barbecue with friends. made labor intensive dinners. watched gone girl. went to the $2 movie theater. went to church. i ordered new warby parker glasses. paul went to the eye doctor. we got to lay in our hammock and paul even let me take some stupid selfies. AND we got peach truck peaches. 

three days off together was so good for our hearts. and time was my friend. i was present. i rested from the task of grasping at or rushing minutes. i just was. in the hustle of life i forget how much i love this life that paul and i have created together.



the voughts

IMG_6517 IMG_6524 IMG_6525IMG_6548IMG_6543 IMG_6551 IMG_6557

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

there are few other places where i feel so known

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

he loves me

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